Marina Facilities Management

Marina Facilities Management

The company was established to be the real estate arm of the Marina Facilities Management, which specializes in the functions of real estate development and property management which provide services such as real estate maintenance, cleanliness and security.

The company aims to implement the planned development of the breakwater, adopted by Marina Facilities Management yet compatible with the vision of Abu Dhabi 2030, it can also conducts real estate development in any place outside the breakwater when the proposed projects exhibit economic feasibility.

The company aims to establish high standards of services, in order to prolong the life of the properties and projects maintained.

MFM Co. holds a social responsibility towards society and the environment one of the important missions of the company seeks the commitment to standards of environmental conservation and respecting the traditions of society in UAE in all contracts. At the same time the company seeks to fulfill its services at a competitive cost.

The company has a specialized team to carry out its functions in the best possible way.

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